ReLit longlist

“Ideas not Money:” That’s the thought behind this award for the best of the small presses. That doesn’t narrow it down that much for poetry in Canada, but it also reminds us how much weight the small presses carry in keeping Canadian poetry alive. The prize is a handcrafted ring with four moveable rings, each imprinted with the entire alphabet so they can be turned to spell words. It’s a gorgeous ring – I’ve seen it on the fingers of my talented friend Jill Wigmore, when she won for her book Soft Geography. I’m always interested to follow this one, so I’m thrilled to be on the long list this year. It is a long list, a very long one, full of fabulous folks, but the great thing is that I get to share it with friends like Ariel Gordon and Sheryda Warrener. See the list and the ring here.