August 18th is Butch Appreciation Day

Apparently, today is Butch Appreciation Day. Since I’m home sick, and unlikely to be appreciating anyone in person, I’d like to send out a butch appreciation poem to the world in the hopes that it makes someone out there smile. All you fine, fabulous, fierce butches – consider yourself appreciated. I’m so very very glad you exist.



Shirt Collar

You’re standing by the mirror,
and I watch your fingers
slip cufflinks through buttonholes.
Your shoulders ease back,
as if the world finally had room for them,
as if your skin fit differently
under this shirt. Your small breasts
press out, unexpected
in these starched folds.

For you I would learn
the forgotten motions of my father’s hands,
the foreign ritual of folding a tie
in on itself, anything
for an excuse to reach behind your neck,
slide my fingers up under your shirt collar,
that sharp cool crease.