CBC Poetry Prize shortlist

1SHORT-Anna-Swanson-BBA poetry thing happened to me! Several of my poems have been shortlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize. I always follow this prize closely, so it was a thrill even to be included in the longlist. When I found out about the shortlist, I was so giddy I couldn’t stop dancing around the kitchen while talking on the phone to the very nice person from the CBC.

Check out the five shortlisted poets here, including Emily Nilsen who, as it happens, went to the same very small high school as me in Vancouver.

CBC is one of my heroes, so it feels like big news to me. Also, this is as close as I’ll ever come to being on a baseball card. So, wow.

Stay tuned for the final announcement next Tuesday.

UPDATE: I didn’t win, but it was still thrilling to be shortlisted. A big congratulations to Mark Wagenaar on his winning poem.